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Leading Global Corporates

Leading Global Corporates

Established companies that see value in the region’s 411mil population size and $5tril USD capital pool.

The Middle East is actively seeking international corporate partners to develop and scale global and regional businesses. The economic diversification programmes in the region call for massive investment in disruptive technology, energy transition, infrastructure, education, entertainment, and healthcare.

Middle East governments, investors and corporations understand that they need to partner with best-in-class international corporates to bring new models and technology onshore and to gain exposure to global growth sectors. The future is collaborative, and they get that.

Using the same principles, process and techniques we successfully developed for our investment manager clients, we map the regional opportunity set for our corporate clients, target a small number of potential business partners and investors, facilitate direct conversations between the senior teams of both parties and then stay around to help those conversations reach a successful conclusion.

We are not financial or legal advisers and always leave the negotiation of terms to our clients and their professional advisers.

Local Knowledge

There are over 100,000 Dilmun-era burial mounds in Bahrain, some dating back as far as 2200 BCE.