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Global Asset Managers

Global Asset Managers

We believe that the investors want to know the manager with which they will invest

We work with investment and asset managers in both the public and private markets to help them increase capital allocations from the Middle East. We have helped our clients source capital partners for new funds, established strategies, segregated accounts, tailored partnerships, and strategic firm-level joint ventures. We have worked with clients who are brand new to the region and with clients with established businesses.

At around $5trn of assets, the Middle East is a relatively small investment market when compared to the US, Europe, or Asia. But it is highly concentrated and dynamic, and its investors can invest very large sums in a single allocation.

It is geographically diverse and notoriously hard to reach and has many other unique characteristics which means that international firms can find it a challenge to cover efficiently and cost-effectively.

Many firms fail, others don’t even try.

We provide a cost-effective and tailored solution to enable our clients to cover the region efficiently and effectively themselves without employing additional staff.

We are not a placement agent, and we never present investment proposals to investors on behalf of our clients. We believe that the investors want to know the manager with which they will invest, and that the manager should be prepared to invest time in developing a mutually beneficial relationship with the investor.

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Market mapping

We usually start our client engagement by creating a market map of the Middle East unique to our client. We list the most likely potential investors and provide our clients with a profile of each. We analyse the geopolitical and developmental priorities of the region and map that on to each investing institution to explain how and why that institution invests today and is likely to invest tomorrow. We evaluate the relative opportunity that the region provides to our client and advise on whether and how the client could access that opportunity. Finally, we consider the strategies provided by the manager and advise which should be prioritised with each targeted investor.

Investor engagement strategy & planning
We then design an efficient and effective investor engagement strategy. This includes creating a bespoke strategic narrative which the manager can use to align themselves with the strategic priorities of the investor, a schedule for engagement (including visits to the region) and a timeline for success.
Engagement support
We then support the client through the period of engagement by advising them on the best way to secure meetings with investors (where appropriate), helping them guide the investors through the exploration, commitment and due diligence process and then ensuring that the process of onboarding the investor goes smoothly.
Strategic partnership development
Once a client has developed relationships in the region, we then help them expand those relationships by supporting the development of bespoke investment projects and, in some cases, the establishment of large-scale institution to institution strategic partnerships. These activities involve close collaboration between manager and allocator teams to create a truly effective partnership to deploy capital at scale over multiple years into unique strategies.

Local Knowledge

There are over 100,000 Dilmun-era burial mounds in Bahrain, some dating back as far as 2200 BCE.